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Thursday, March 07, 2002

I'm worried about Tenshi I talked to her yesterday and don't know what time, but she started crying...you know? Something happened and she wouldn't even tell me. Definetly have a bad vibe around or near her. Tenshi is my best friend. Female best friend at that..you know? I wonder if she knows. But..man..you know I just worry about her. I don't like this gym thing. Definetly don't like it...I want to visit her. Just to hold her. just to do something. She's a pretty girl..why does she think she's fat again?

Buuyaa. Romeo just got on. he's not doing well either. maybe I can make him feel better too..you know?

Some people are just too much. Don't think I want to meet anyone new right now. My boxers are mine; not to be taken by someone, you know?

Question: Do you ever wish you could jump in someone's mind and let them see the knowledge of how youthink of them?

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Tuesday, March 05, 2002

Ah had such a nice conversation with my knee last night >:) Definetly one of the sweetest people ever in this world! I LOVE YOU MY KNEE!!!! MMWWHHAAAAA *throws kiss* Everything has been quite, you know? I think that things starting to calm down, definetly. Worried about knee. She passed out at work yesterday and doc said she has stress. Poor knee :-*( I hope she'll be ok. Girls got a lot of things on her mind, definetly a lot of things. But i know she'll open up to me. >:) right? Romo where ya been?

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Friday, March 01, 2002

Sometimes we all decide to voice opinions, with out knowing the entire facts. I defended my
Tenshi after reading a comment on Romeo's blog. The comment sounded crude and curt, you know? But I was so angry, I had to defend her. Why pass judgement when you know nothing of the situation or you think you know about it. I missed two interviews staying on and waiting for the person to respond. I had to. Tenshi is my friend and I will defend her no matter what. The person apologize and so did I for being rude, but iwas over in 30 min, definetly. They apologized to both Tenshi and Romeo. :-) Big of them to do. They did really seem nice, the only flaw was they choice to not be specific. It shouldn't piss Tenshi off. I hope not. I don't want her to be so depressed...

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Monday, February 25, 2002

Sometimes you stumble across something, but don't really know what to do. But I will always know when the limit has been pressed. I will stand next to a friend, always and no matter what. Romeo, I will always have and gaurd your back from everything which hurts. You are my friend, and though I will not protect and shelter you, I will never be fake or untrue to you. You are a true good guy and friend.

As for you dear Sweet Tenshi, I'll be your temporary prince....you're very important to me. Very important and I care about you a great deal. I'll always be here to catch your back and watch you when you need help. I'll never leave you standing alone. Even when you feel you are alone.

Though another one, I have tried to talk to, but yahoo seems not to allow us speach. I would like to know you more Aer, but don't have like a..whatchamakulit..panic attack. I like you(not in that way)

There, I have said it. These people have not once had a crush on me, obsessed over me, or thought I was more then what I am. They respected me every which way I know how. I would add someone else, but as much as I try to talk to them, they never respond or never answer. . .? Maybe it's yim. But I feel the presence of not wanting me..or obsession..

I don't want to talk anymore.

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Thursday, February 21, 2002

Gold is mine.

Answer: Cool.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2002

Clocked in at 2nd place. Writing from the ice. This should be a good race. Tenshi? Did you get my email? Romeo? Hope you like the small gift. Thanks for wishing me luck, you know? I'll carry it when I go

Questions: How badly would it feel if no gold is recieved?

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Monday, February 18, 2002

I'm talking to Alicia right now, she's sweet!

Answer: Only if you email the good hearted people.

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Just emailed Beautiful Angel I wanted to check my mail, but a real broadway actress. I like she doesn't characterize on it-almost lik me. Don't really shed and hold out what I do flaunting it. That layout is cool, wish I had a template to I emailed her. Ugh..does this thing look alright? Ooo look she has links! Time to do some surfing..

Question 1: If a person Emails you from the blue, would you respond?

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Thought I would try this handling of a weblog, that another teammate introduced. Let's see how much I can keep this blog thing up, ne? Don't really have much to write, my leg still bothers me, but I'll be fine come Wednesday. Don't really want to talk about sports right now. Oh I did see this awsome game afer practice today. It was cool. I might just go get it later. Nothing more to say..Testing? Does this thing publish?

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