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Thursday, February 21, 2002

Gold is mine.

Answer: Cool.

posted by Apolo | 7:22 PM

Wednesday, February 20, 2002

Clocked in at 2nd place. Writing from the ice. This should be a good race. Tenshi? Did you get my email? Romeo? Hope you like the small gift. Thanks for wishing me luck, you know? I'll carry it when I go

Questions: How badly would it feel if no gold is recieved?

posted by Apolo | 5:49 PM

Monday, February 18, 2002

I'm talking to Alicia right now, she's sweet!

Answer: Only if you email the good hearted people.

posted by Apolo | 5:22 PM

Just emailed Beautiful Angel I wanted to check my mail, but a real broadway actress. I like she doesn't characterize on it-almost lik me. Don't really shed and hold out what I do flaunting it. That layout is cool, wish I had a template to I emailed her. Ugh..does this thing look alright? Ooo look she has links! Time to do some surfing..

Question 1: If a person Emails you from the blue, would you respond?

posted by Apolo | 3:42 PM

Thought I would try this handling of a weblog, that another teammate introduced. Let's see how much I can keep this blog thing up, ne? Don't really have much to write, my leg still bothers me, but I'll be fine come Wednesday. Don't really want to talk about sports right now. Oh I did see this awsome game afer practice today. It was cool. I might just go get it later. Nothing more to say..Testing? Does this thing publish?

posted by Apolo | 2:12 PM
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