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Thursday, March 07, 2002

I'm worried about Tenshi I talked to her yesterday and don't know what time, but she started crying...you know? Something happened and she wouldn't even tell me. Definetly have a bad vibe around or near her. Tenshi is my best friend. Female best friend at that..you know? I wonder if she knows. But..man..you know I just worry about her. I don't like this gym thing. Definetly don't like it...I want to visit her. Just to hold her. just to do something. She's a pretty girl..why does she think she's fat again?

Buuyaa. Romeo just got on. he's not doing well either. maybe I can make him feel better too..you know?

Some people are just too much. Don't think I want to meet anyone new right now. My boxers are mine; not to be taken by someone, you know?

Question: Do you ever wish you could jump in someone's mind and let them see the knowledge of how youthink of them?

posted by Apolo | 12:29 PM

Tuesday, March 05, 2002

Ah had such a nice conversation with my knee last night >:) Definetly one of the sweetest people ever in this world! I LOVE YOU MY KNEE!!!! MMWWHHAAAAA *throws kiss* Everything has been quite, you know? I think that things starting to calm down, definetly. Worried about knee. She passed out at work yesterday and doc said she has stress. Poor knee :-*( I hope she'll be ok. Girls got a lot of things on her mind, definetly a lot of things. But i know she'll open up to me. >:) right? Romo where ya been?

posted by Apolo | 11:58 AM
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